Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tongshantang Hospital consists of outside experts and hospital experience staff, them focus on one goal: to provide the best treatment for patients with kidney disease.

Different theories and treatments, our powerful treatment team specializes in your treatment during the treatment. We love our holy work, our patients and those who work with us!

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Meet the Experts

Zhang Daning, Zheng Falei, Liu Luchuan and so on are experts of nephropathy hospital and symptoms treatment. We are focused, because it is our mission! We consist of nephrologists, doctors, nurses, inspectors, and out-of-hospital mentors.

We hold a variety of activities in the country, and we often go to other countries for free clinics, we share knowledge of kidney disease through our blog and establish lifelong services to help patients recover better.

Tongshantang Hospital

We love feedback! We donated more than $ 1.858 million to local non-profit organization for kidney disease screening and symptom care services, and we are always ready to be a volunteer.


Awards & Recognition

From the treatment of domestic to the international field of kidney disease, our team and our treatment effective is being recognized.

Scientific research achievement

Scientific research achievement is the result of 30 years of efforts with dozens of Chinese medicine experts. These are the most important and effective treatment options that improve our results.

Are you the next patient to be treated?

Your condition is light, only simple protein or occult blood, and renal function is normal. Like other patients, you are the best time to treat, and it is also the moment with the best and most likely cure. You pay more attention on it and you also have time. Most importantly, we can make you satisfied.

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