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The Disappearance of Edema Excited Roberto from Peru

I am very grateful to doctors and nurses in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They solved all my puzzles about Chinese medicine treatment patiently. With their careful treatment, my swelling disappeared ...Read More


Refractory Hematuria Disappeared, Nigeria Patient Successfully Avoid Kidney Transplant

I am very fortunate that I receive Chinese medicine, I am grateful to the Chinese medicine that helps me successfully avoid kidney transplant. I am no longer suffering from anemia nor frequent occurrence of hematuria. My name is su ...Read More


Kidney Disease Patient from Guatemala Came to China for Treatment

After medicated bath, I felt very comfortable all over the body, fatigue and other discomforts all disappeared, it was so inconceivable! Oscar from Guatemale said. Different main and collateral channels of the human body correspond ...Read More


Canadian Kidney Patient Seeks Treatment in China

Chinese medicine is really miraculous. After this period of treatment, I felt the good care of the doctors and nurses in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Also they answered many of my questions to Chin ...Read More


New Zealand Patient Experienced Magical Journey of TCM

This is our first time to come to China and it is also our first time to accept Chinese medicine treatments. But only one time of experiencing Chinese medicine treatments make us have incomparable awe and curiosity to Chinese medic ...Read More


kidney disease hospital Lv Leyuan

Beijing Tongshantang Hospital Lv Leyuan Lv Leyuan, director of Chinese medicine Professor, chief physician, Professor of Chinese medicine clinic Indications: chronic kidney disease, rheumatic immune disease, diabetes mellitus, mali ...Read More


Sixty elderly with nephropathy grandson doctor

6 years ago, the age of the small Yu who are reading kindergarten, the teacher found him a few days after the emergence of eyelid, limb edema and other symptoms, was taken to the hospital after his family sent to the hospital, diag ...Read More


Use the Sudanese patient tip

Fatimah,your gift really gave me a big Surprise, but take care of your father is what we should do, I put the money to the hospital financial, and give your father referral when used. Beijing Tongshantang kidney hospital internatio ...Read More


24 year old programmer was found uremia, chronic kidney disease younger should pay attention to

Nephritis is the most important cause of uremia in China, and the early nephritis is not characterized by obvious physical discomfort. Doctors remind the public, especially high blood pressure, song qingling foundation ...Read More


Stress meetings cause kidney disease in children

Now with the academic pressure increases, young people face more and more heavy study, the pressure of college entrance examination in order to cultivate the children or families, for a variety of training, specialty classes, the l ...Read More


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