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Hangzhou young stay up late to get out of chronic nephritis

Jan 15, 2017
Hangzhou young stay up late to get out of chronic nephritis
We all know that staying up is not healthy, but in life, especially for young people, it is common to stay up late. Stay up not only will bring a black eye and a lack of energy, the recent Hangzhou Chen, staying out of chronic nephritis. The doctor said, fortunately found early, if dragged for a long time, may become uremia.
After 80 IT men suddenly got senile chronic nephritis
Chen is a 80, IT people, work is the website maintenance. His work is busy, often overtime, and occasionally stay up late, but after all, young people, the body is pretty good.
But a month ago, Chen felt something wrong. His urine began to appear a lot of foam, like washing powder with water. Initially did not care, results of a few days, Chen felt faint on both sides of the waist soreness, people also did not have the strength, but also very dizzy, even at work are not energy. People do not have the spirit, work has also been a mistake, but also almost fired.
Family advised him several times, Chen finally decided to go to the hospital to see the. The doctor took his blood pressure, found that up to 150/100mmhg; analyzed the urine routine, urine protein found 3 plus, and a preliminary diagnosis of chronic nephritis.
This let Xiao Chen silly eye: "my unit every year of physical examination, before also did not say to have a disease, how all of a sudden chronic nephritis?" Moreover, chronic nephritis is not a common disease in the elderly, Chen so young, how suddenly got chronic nephritis?
Young people with chronic nephritis
Often because of staying up late and bad habits
Admissions Chen, No.1 People's Hospital of Hangzhou nephrology doctor Wei Wei. Dr. Wei let Chen brought before the physical examination data, this look, found 1 years ago, Chen's examination of routine urine urine protein is positive. Dr. Wei said, proteinuria is often chronic nephritis, Chen foam urine, is caused by the increase of urinary protein.
Chen asked the usual schedule, doctors learned that his work is in front of the computer, and I also love the Internet, I often stay up late, and even all night. And, in order to refresh, Xiao Chen often drink coffee, as well as smoking and drinking habits.
The Internet and stay up all night long fatigue, and bad habits, it is the result of Chen kidney dysfunction, cause of suffering from chronic nephritis. This is also in recent years, young people have a common cause of chronic nephritis.
Redness or bubble may be a symptom of chronic nephritis
Dr. Wei said, Chen's case is lucky, the disease found early, timely treatment, the recovery. There are a lot of patients due to failure to early detection of nephritis, until medical treatment, has developed into renal insufficiency, and even uremia.
Because the clinical symptoms of chronic nephritis are often not obvious, most people just found abnormal urine test, some people may appear swollen eyelids or swollen ankles, careless people will not find these early symptoms.
Many patients are the same as Chen, because of dizziness came to visit, only to find the disease. This kind of dizziness is because of the secondary hypertension caused by chronic nephritis, and the elderly are not the same as the primary hypertension, nephritis control, blood pressure can be maintained normal.
If the examination found that there are urine plus, or elevated blood pressure, urine or urine red or found a lot of bubbles, should pay high attention to it and go to the hospital.
Young people work more busy, like the Internet is understandable, but we must develop a good lifestyle, pay attention to exercise, to avoid disease.

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