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IgA nephropathy, because of high blood pressure, the doctor

Jan 15, 2017

Female | 44 year old 

Health Advisory Description: IgA nephropathy due to high blood pressure, the doctor told me to take medicine for high blood pressure, basic control, after the Chinese medicine treatment red blood cells reduced from +++ to +, the protein to no, but before the 84 blood inosine now is 88, the original 71 glomerular filtration rate is 64, Is this condition more serious? thank you!

Condition analysis:

This situation should be improved,

Directive opinion:

But this kind of kidney disease is a kind of serious disease, it is difficult to cure completely. It is suggested that the treatment of the patients with the traditional Chinese medicine is not very serious,

More question:

This disease is recommended to rest at home or go to work, thank you!

The doctor answered:

This situation can be engaged in light work,


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