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IgA nephropathy 8-9 years, 3 to 4 degree

Jan 15, 2017

Female | 31 year old 

Description: in 2007, Lee was diagnosed as mild to moderate mesangial proliferative IgA nephropathy (grade III), and has been taking medication. A renal biopsy was performed in 2010, resulting in a mild to moderate mesangial proliferative IgA nephropathy with focal sclerosis. Occult blood have always been two to three plus. Protein, as long as the hospital infusion will be able to go down, after discharge to rise again, and not easy to down. I am low blood pressure, but also the loss of blood gas. I do not dare to drink water on the day, half an hour on the toilet.

Once the treatment and effect: eat a lot of medicine, bailing capsule, Rutinum Tablets, Shenyankangfu Tablet, Tripterygium wilfordii, Radix Astragali, sodium ferulate

How to help: I want my protein down. I want to know what I have to do to keep my disease under control. What medicine should I take, what to do?

Condition analysis:

Middle aged women with moderate mesangial proliferative IgA nephropathy with focal sclerosis.

Directive opinion:

Read your offer, there is uncontrolled considered proteinuria , need hormone combined with cytotoxic drugs, recommend the use of hormone and leflunomide treatment.

Condition analysis:

Hello, according to your description, corticosteroids and cytotoxic drugs on your proteinuria is effective, I do not know if you have to use the doctor

Directive opinion:

Hello, usually, you need to control the blood pressure, blood pressure instability on your kidney harm is very large, I hope to help you

Condition analysis:

Chronic kidney disease is not fully cured, slowly conditioning, the occult blood, urine protein can be eliminated in intravenous infusion.

Directive opinion:

Bailing capsule, Shenyankangfu Tablet to eat for a long time, Qi Astragalus to eat, because of liver damage and Tripterygium gonadinhibiting, to regularly review the liver function, pay attention to menstrual.

These are the "IgA nephropathy 8-9, 3 to 4," the question of the proposal, I hope to help you, I wish you good health!


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