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The most beautiful teacher suffering from uremia is still th

Jan 27, 2017

"If it is not Ay Nur insisted on staying in the podium, have to wait until the holidays to come to treatment, her condition will not be so serious." Shi Wei, President of Tongshantang Medical Group .

Ay Nur, a 24 year old teacher from Xinjiang, graduated from Xinjiang University in Mengaiti and became the only Chinese teacher in a local primary school in his hometown.

When Ay Nur was very young, her parents porced. Lover Oman works in Xinjiang Art Troupe, Gu Oman often make some musical instruments for sale, increase the family income, two people are deeply attached to each other people envy.

God just to visit this to lover, Ay Nur appeared in June 2014 the body fatigue, symptoms of edema, lumbago and hematuria, until more than a month later, she came to the hospital for a check, the results showed she was suffering from lupus nephropathy by persistent uremia, sudden bad news broke the quiet family.

Because he is the only school a Chinese teacher, in order not to delay the students, she has been telling students to adhere to the school; the face of illness, the young female teachers did not fear, lying in the ward, is still the heart of your lovely students.

She is the youngest student's mother"

In the classroom, Ay Nur once asked students to answer the question, the outstanding performance of the Karim Jean did not answer this simple question on the. After sitting down, Karim Jean has been quietly tears.

After class, Ay Nur learned that Karim Jean's parents working in the field, the only one to take care of his grandmother also fell ill, in order to take care of his grandmother, he did not review the lessons. After learning this situation, Ay Nur every day to accompany her home from school, while reading lessons to take care of her grandmother.

Ay Nur recalls early to the village school when the teacher said the situation, in order to improve children's learning, try to integrate into their lives, work every day to separate backward students, visiting students who have difficulties in making up, help children solve problems in students' life, children's performance has been great to improve.

"Because our school left-behind children more, most of them are in the care of grandparents, usually in the study is not too much guidance, so I try to be in the classroom counseling they finished my homework, the special circumstances of the inpidual to family counseling, look for what busy etc.." Ay Nur said, on the one hand can help children improve performance, on the other hand can also help their families to alleviate the practical difficulties.

"A few days ago Crimea Jiang also call me, let me have a cure, he will carefully review your lessons every day, waiting for me to go back and check." Ay Nur said, the river as his mother, often talk to himself, "he is a 'small adults'."

The class had a little boy, because their parents work outside the home, naughty he jumped down from the tree and broke her leg, no one to take care of in the boarding school, Mr. Ay Nur took him to his home to recuperate, the day by his father mother to take care of at home, but also give him a Yinuer missed classes, busy day late at night, accompanied by the Ay Nur teacher is full is weary.

She never left the classroom because of sickness

In order not to affect the teaching of principals, teachers and students to hide the illness, so, while Ay Nur and his brave fight, the side stick to the three feet of the podium. In order not to delay to the children in class, she always use weekends or holidays to go to hospital for treatment.

"Ay Nur after illness still misses the children, the day from the hospital after the dialysis, sit a few hours drive back to the village to the children in class, every time it is between the hospital and the school trip." Ay Nur's colleagues said, the leadership and the children look at is pale and thin Ay Nur, advised her not to be so hard on, the school will quickly find a way over a Chinese language teacher in tune, but Ay Nur still stick in the workplace, finally one day fainted on the platform, she hurried to school to the hospital, was a narrow escape.

It is understood that since the teacher, Ay Nur took a lot of awards, has repeatedly been rated as excellent teachers. In the eyes of colleagues, she is serious and responsible; in the eyes of the students, she learned much knowledge. Suddenly that Ay Nur is suffering from uremia, colleagues and friends could not believe, it's hard to believe she is sick for such a long time, the family did not dare to accept the fact.

But Ay Nur's condition is more and more serious, every day is very difficult to get up, the waist can not force. This is the case, Ay Nur every day to show in front of everyone is still an optimistic, cheerful image.

Although she insisted, had quietly approached her, finally decided to let her leave for school. Well aware of the shortage of Chinese teachers in the school, she insisted that a few days to wait until the winter vacation children do not come to class, I go out treatment, until the fall on the podium.

With the family hope and children of hope, she embarked on a long road of your choice. In Xinjiang, Beijing, Guangzhou hospital received western medicine treatment, but all the doctors advised her to rely on blood purification to alleviate pain, or do a kidney transplant; during the accident that she was pregnant, to the unborn baby, Ay Nur decided to stop taking the medication, stop dialysis, but it let his illness more serious.

Traditional Chinese medicine to "the most beautiful teacher" to the podium

Facing the condition of torture, she also once think the world has lost color, after all, only 24 years old, he just married, have a baby; but she did not give up on life and work of hope, a chance, she saw a patient rehabilitation information through the WeChat circle of friends.

By understanding, with the hope of life, work, but also for the children, Ay Nur accompanied by his family down to Hebei to accept Chinese medicine treatment.

According to Shi Wei introduction, when hospitalized, the situation is very critical, Ay Nur. "Her admission examination creatinine 1032.2umol/L, chronic renal failure (uremia), has been a month of urine, the local hospital has been in critical condition notice."

In the course of the treatment, to understand Ay Nur's teacher in order to give the child a class, only to delay the best treatment time, the medical staff are very touched. We specially invited Professor Zhang Youkang from Beijing, together with hospital experts to form a group of experts, for the consultation conducted by the teacher of Ay Nur, developed a detailed treatment plan of Chinese medicine 4+7." Shi Wei said that after receiving a unique treatment of Chinese medicine, Ay Nur's condition has been greatly improved.

If Ay Nur is not determined to stay in the podium, not to wait until the holidays come to seek medical treatment, then her condition will not be so serious." Shi Wei said.

In the Tongshantang Medical Group , the reporter saw Ay Nur has just received herbal fumigation, if not wearing a gown, it is difficult to see the beautiful young Ay Nur is a lupus nephritis patients, and the doctor introduced her admission in a completely different person. "I'm sorry, I just finished the treatment, all of which are traditional Chinese medicine!" Ay Nur smiled and said.

In a conversation Ay Nur teacher's phone rang, she continued to substitute teacher phone about the children's learning, the children's mood to conceal thoughts. Put down the phone, Ay Nur said: we have to call each other every day, the flow of children's learning and living situation, some children need special attention to the situation of teachers."

At this time there are two wearing a gown of the children came in, holding a book and asked: "Mr. Ay Nur, I will not do this problem."

The children answered questions, Mr. Ay Nur looked at the child sincerely said: "look at these kids like me in hospital, my heart is not the taste, we all left the classroom, but we met again in the ward, I think I have the ability to make these children to accept new knowledge. With the students, do not let their gap."

"In the hospital, I usually see is a hospital nurse for the children to make up a missed lesson, but a few days were a little more nurses no time for children to counseling, I recovered well, without dialysis, volunteered as the temporary teachers of children." Ay Nur said.

According to Shi Wei, Ay Nur suffering from uremia in the treatment of the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the body recovered quickly, she seldom stays in his room, most of the time in the ward to other children in classes. Ay Nur's love is also touched by our health care professionals, we all spontaneously helped Ay Nur to buy some books, stationery, etc., we strive to make this public service behavior becomes a habit."

I want to pass on this love, in order to return to the community care and help for patients." To the hospital to return to work in Ay Nur's eyes said firmly, the disease is not terrible, only let her fear is not re the podium. "I'm getting better every day, and I really want to go back to class tomorrow."


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