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Sixty elderly with nephropathy grandson doctor

Dec 29, 2017

6 years ago, the age of the small Yu who are reading kindergarten, the teacher found him a few days after the emergence of eyelid, limb edema and other symptoms, was taken to the hospital after his family sent to the hospital, diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. Since then, in 6 years, Xiaoyu who most of the time is spent in the hospital ward, small age experienced father died, mother remarried, endured the pain and grandma, poverty and disease did not swallow this unfortunate family.

To save his father died of a heart attack

Zitta where father Wang Xiangdong is an only child, suffering from congenital heart disease in his day, a local furniture factory workers, with a good carpenter, and love after marriage is busy working and daily.

One morning in the winter of 2006, Wang Xiangdong as usual, riding a motorcycle to work at an intersection, not far from home, he had heard the baby crying on the road, no other pedestrians, he used the lights around looking for crying according to sources, last in a signpost and found a small quilt wrapped Xiao Yu fan, was the child's lips are blue, two small dew not parked outside." This year, 66 year old grandmother Wang recalled, because there is no evidence to prove the child's age, it will guess where Yu also more than 1 years old.

Wang Xiangdong picked up the child and returned home, anxious to go to work, let his wife and mother to take care of the children, and then find the child's biological parents. Even the day after making inquiries, also has no children parents news, Wang Xiangdong couple during this time and the children have feelings, thinking about looking for fruit, two people decided to start raising a child, and tracing.

Since then, two people of husband and wife like a son to raise little Yu fan, Wang Xiangdong with a good hand work, let the family of four was not rich but also happy and harmonious, as the recent 3 years.

At the age of 4 was suffering

A family of four happy life did not last, in February 2009, after several days of kindergarten teacher found small Yu Fan eyes, swelling of the extremities, families with children were examined in a local hospital, was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, need long-term treatment, and huge medical expenses.

The village was persuaded Wang Xiangdong to give up treatment, after all, the child has no blood relationship with him. Listen to the voice of young Xiaoyu who shouted "Dad", thinking with the child in 3 years, Wang Xiangdong was determined to hard to have to give the child cure.

He said that at that time, the child is too bitter, his parents do not want him, we can not abandon him, the future of children grow up, find their own parents, or an account." Grandma Wang said with tears in his eyes, his son did not want to be sorry for his conscience.

Since then, Wang Xiangdong took the treasure to Beijing, Tianjin, the son of Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places around the doctor. His son was discharged he went to work in the furniture factory, tired and stressful life so that he overwhelmed, the body is not as good a day. But in order to save money to Xiao cure, Wang Xiangdong has not been examined, is to stop the medication, in Xiaoyu after one year where sick heart attack, never left the family with the love of the son.

Sixty granny relay never abandon

Wang Xiangdong husband and wife two years of savings have been spent, but also borrowed friends and relatives. His death, so this is not a wealthy family crumbling, medical expenses and the burdens of life a little breathless mother Yu fan. Finally, the mother with unspeakable bitterness remarried.

Xiao Yu, who is 66 years old grandmother, looked at the broken family and the dying child, can not help but shed tears. She told reporters: "the doll is my last hope, I have no son and daughter, Nabe Uritetsu, also let the grandson better beg."

The reporter saw Wang through photos, beside the old dilapidated buildings full of weeds. Grandma Wang reluctantly said: the condition is too bad, all the savings to the child to see a doctor, not so much energy to manage the house."

More people worried that Wang Nainai's body is not good, in order to unrelated grandson, around money, fingers because of fatigue deformation and rheumatism. When a reporter asked her bitter is not bitter, she said: "what is the point of adults, as long as the child can be good on the line."

According to the small space where, because the grandmother to take care of him, and thought to earn a free drug, to sell some daily necessities barely support, no fixed income. "Sometimes can get a job, a grandma to the vineyard work, can earn 30 dollars a day, usually pick up waste money."

"I want to be a carpenter, just like you"

Grandma Wang to complete his son's wishes, once the medical bills will put all sorts of things together with a small Yu fan out doctor. Today in May, with the help of friends or relatives, Wang Nainai with hope, their two people came to a long run Tongshantang Medical Group .

According to Dean, Tongshantang Medical Group Zitta where doctor Shi Wei introduced a number of children just arrived at the hospital check index is not optimistic, very serious edema, abdominal effusion, the mood is not very high. "The child father, grandma to pay, let us very moved, the hospital invited several well-known experts, the children's consultation, formulated the TCM treatment plan, has recovered well."

"The child is sensible, know owe a lot of debt, do not want to come out to cure, and become no love, nothing to sit in the house." Grandma Wang said, to the hospital this half a month, with edema gradually disappeared, the body gradually improved, and grandchildren gradually become cheerful, "after discharged, should speed up to make money, let the children learn culture."

Finally, the reporter asked Xiao Yu where father's Day is coming, and I want to say something to his father, he looked down and said, "I want to be a carpenter like my father,make money to take care of grandma, but also owe the money back."


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