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Xiao Haoyu’s spring Festiva

Feb 04, 2017

The Spring Festival is the most important festival in Chinese, but for Xiao Haoyu’s health, the Spring Festival is not so important

It was the autumn of 2016when 8 year- old Xiao Haoyu first come  to our hospital, after a series of examinations he were diagnosed as nephrotic syndrome. Xiao Haoyu’s swelling was very sever  no matter how to coax him, he wouldn't look at you, people looked very distressed.

With the characteristics of Chinese medicine in our hospital for about a week, Xiao Haoyu’s edema disappeared,becoming a cute little guy, so attractive......

After treatment for 10 days then protein turned negative, 24 hour urine protein returned to normal. His parents took him to the hospital, and then a doctor's appointment to review once every three months, although the doctor chat through WeChat with his father ask about  Xiao Haoyu, no edema, take Chinese medicine foot bath to Xiao Haoyu every day.

3 months later.....

Xiao Haoyu didn’t come....

This drag on until near the new year, Xiao Haoyu finally came, the doctor asked his father: "why is the delay? Why didn't you bring the kids?"

Dad said: "f the company is too busy, and this is going to have the Spring Festival, relatives and friends do not know the children's illness, although I know what to eat what not to eat, but I can't keep looking at him, I will back a few days, take the child to you this new year, the children is good, do not let the disease relapse and at ease."

Heard his father say that, indeed, the Spring Festival without relatives, all kinds of format snacks, what are the seven regardless of eight woman but also the children very tight, so what good will for children, inadvertently will aggravate the burden of the child.

Lunar New Year's Day review, Xiao Haoyu protein negative, urine protein in 24 hours for 0.07g. Seeing the results of the review, really  Xiao Haoyu's father decision was really good, although there is no spring festival at home, but as long as the child can grow up healthily, and so what?





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