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Brief introduction of Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Feb 09, 2017

Brief introduction of Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Peking Union Medical College Hospital, graduated from the title: chief physician Professor, expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease has a better theoretical basis and clinical experience.

Bi Sheng, male, born in 1925, Anhui, Shexian. Department of Nephrology Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Professor, doctoral tutor.

Peking Union Medical College Hospital Bi Zengqi graduated from Tongji University medical school in Shanghai in 1952. Study in the former Soviet Union, Leningrad Medical College, 1955-1959, was vice doctorate. Returned home in 1959, began working in Peking Union Medical College Hospital. In 1962, two years in Hubei to study Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine under the tutelage of the old Chinese medicine Zhang Menglong. Later, in the heart and kidney of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, the theory and method of Chinese and Western medicine were applied in clinic for a long time.

1972, before the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, by the State Council appointed as one of the first permanent representative of the United Nations, as the delegation of medical work. Back in 1976, in 1980 to create a kidney disease in Peking Union Medical College Hospital.

1984, the first report of IgA nephropathy in china. To promote the early prevention and treatment of chronic renal failure. To prevent chronic progressive deterioration of renal function in the early and middle control to do a series of studies, the role of rhubarb treatment, the clinical effect observation and rigorous affirmation, and prove that the combined treatment of TCM and Western medicine for delaying chronic renal failure worsening. Once used in Chinese and foreign published many articles, have a greater impact. In order to study the nutritional problems of patients with chronic renal failure, we first studied and applied a variety of essential amino acids in the treatment of renal failure. Scientific research achievements in 80s last year by the Chinese Academy of medical sciences. It has also been proved that the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in the treatment of chronic renal failure in elderly patients can delay the progression of the disease and even some patients can be improved (Chinese Journal of geriatric medicine, 1995, 21:89). In addition, a variety of clinical and research work has been carried out on a variety of secondary renal diseases, including lupus nephritis, dry irritable syndrome nephritis, diabetic nephropathy, diagnosis and treatment of elderly kidney disease. He has three times by the national government to send, lead a group of Chinese and Western medicine treatment to treat foreign political figures.

Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Bi Zengqi has published papers, more than one hundred articles. Participated in the preparation of the Encyclopedia of Chinese medicine, etc.. 1994 to participate in the modern medical science editor Professor Fang Qi, editorial board, the book has won the two prize of national. Edited by Peking Union Medical College press in 2003, "chronic renal failure, clinical prevention and theoretical basis". 1952 in Shanghai two, and in 1991 by the State Council special allowance. In 1999 the Central Health Committee awarded the honorary certificate. In 1996, China was named as "Chinese Association Association for science and technology advanced workers". Former Chinese Medical Association, honorary director. The Chinese Medical Association of kidney disease is one of the founders of the first session of the Standing Committee and served as vice chairman of the 2-4, a former Chinese medicine, Chinese Journal of elderly. The urinary volume of foreign medical deputy editor, honorary editor of the Journal of clinical nephrology, Chinese Journal of practical internal medicine, Geriatric Nephrology and Urology (International Journal of geriatric Nephrology) editorial board. Members of the Committee of experts of the Beijing Association of senior medical and health workers. In 2007, the Chinese society of Nephrology awarded the outstanding contribution award, outstanding contribution award of Peking Union Medical College Hospital in 2009.


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