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kidney disease hospital Lv Leyuan

Dec 29, 2017

Tongshantang Medical Group Lv Leyuan

Lv Leyuan, director of Chinese medicine Professor, chief physician, Professor of Chinese medicine clinic

Indications: chronic kidney disease, rheumatic immune disease, diabetes mellitus, malignant tumor.

1984 graduated from the Hunan Institute of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine master's degree.

Affiliated Hospital of the Hebei Medical University (TCM Hospital of Hebei Province medical director). Engaged in Chinese medicine teaching, clinical and scientific research for more than twenty years. 1987 was promoted to lecturer, attending physician, was promoted to associate professor in 1993, was promoted to chief physician in 2000. In 1999, he was elected member of the Chinese society of Chinese and Western medicine. He is the director of outpatient department of our hospital. 25 years working, in the medical diseases, such as chronic kidney disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune rheumatic disease has accumulated rich experience in clinical and teaching. Write two papers, more than 20 papers.


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