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Shaanxi uremia treatment of one and a half months creatinine

Feb 10, 2017

Every time I watch a TV play, the protagonist was framed, the other side of the suffering and forgiveness, always sigh: "well, I believe you last time......"

Many people said that in such a plot is simply intolerable, "said" the last time ", why there is fantasy?"

We'll see.

Yeah, why do you still have fantasies? This is Miss Liu's family has been unable to figure out the problem.

Shaanxi Liu 5 years ago was examined chronic nephritis, has been in the provincial hospital treatment. From the pure protein, occult blood, to the development of renal dysfunction, and chronic renal failure, now creatinine 677 moI/L, seeing it to the uremia.

Family advised her: we go to other hospitals to try it. Ms. Liu said: look at it again.

What the hell?

She felt that, even for a hospital, what difference? Maybe it's worse. Besides, it also has a patchy, nausea and dizziness, to save hospital for a few days, usually also do not ache not to itch.

Anyway, the disease can not be cured.


Liu even fantasy, it is also good to go down, chronic disease well, anxious treatment is useless. Until one day, the doctor told her, has developed into uremia period, must accept hemodialysis.

Until then, Ms. Liu was forced to wake up: these 5 years have done what? Would have been reluctant to toss, to finally have to toss - the doctor said, a week to dialysis three times.

With nausea, dizziness and other symptoms gradually increased, she went to the hospital. But this time, she's going to have a choice.


This is in our hospital for a month and a half after the test sheet, has stopped dialysis, and then observe a week can be discharged.

The doctor in charge of her situation is puzzled: Liu's kidney is only a slight atrophy, history is not long, there is no other serious complications, why will develop to this extent?

Ask to know, although she has been treated in the hospital, but the Department of Nephrology, there is very small, only two beds, the doctor had a few, the treatment is only "anti-inflammatory, detumescence, diuresis, blood pressure and other symptomatic treatment, the only way to deal with renal failure, dialysis is.


"But," the doctor in charge asked her: "the progress of the disease so fast, it is obvious that the treatment effect is not good, why do you want to rule there?"

Liu said, first, feel close to home, more convenient; two is a time of nausea, dizziness, a few days to live in the hospital is indeed a lot better, feel very effective......

When it comes to her, she feels embarrassed.

This is like getting along with people, obviously uncomfortable, but could not bear to leave, in every possible way to hurt themselves, always thought that the next moment will become better in the gradual decline in self anesthesia.

The wrong person, is a waste of time and energy; the wrong hospital, but the waste of life and money.


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