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Use the Sudanese patient tip

Sep 13, 2017

"Fatimah,your gift really gave me a big Surprise, but take care of your father is what we should do, I put the money to the hospital financial, and give your father referral when used."Beijing Tongshantang   kidney hospital international doctor Li Xiaohong, Through whatsapp and far from the Sudanese Futu said.

62-year-old dentist Moussley is the father of Fatimah, with 12 years of chronic interstitial nephritis history, a month ago, accompanied by her daughter in the Philippines, from Sudan to Tongshantang Medical Group , to accept the traditional Chinese medicine clear Blood pollution treatment.
In the doctor's careful treatment, the condition is well controlled, the body to restore a good Moose Leaf law finally discharged, and in the Li Xiaohong doctor to send his father and daughter to the airport gate, the law of wheat mysterious to Dr. Lee a box, said to be transferred on behalf of his father, and asked her to "go back and then open, there are surprises!" Then waved goodbye.
"Is a small gift box, then did not care too much, most of the foreign patients discharged, we have each other with their own national characteristics of the gift." Li Xiaohong said, did not expect to go back to open a look, the box is 300 US dollars, was folded into Heart-shaped.
Moussleyi, who has chronic interstitial nephritis, has been eating diets under the advice of a local doctor in the Sudan before it comes to treatment in China. The condition is repeated but does not affect work and life. However, a cold , Making the sickness of the disease increased. "Patients with a sharp deterioration in condition, creatinine was as high as 1500umol / L, done in the local hospital dialysis, dialysis is not enough, the treatment of more than three months did not control the disease." Li Xiaohong introduced in the import and export trading company to work Tumai, wanted to bring his father to China to accept Chinese medicine treatment, because she has a lot of Chinese people working in the study, the local Chinese aid projects, to understand the Chinese medicine is amazing.
"Daughter of law for the work of the need to return home for half a month, this time we are in the care of patients, accompanied by treatment, chat, shopping, etc." Li Xiaohong said, during the patients to express gratitude, also given several times Tip, but are euphemistically rejected.
Because the patient is a dentist, a shopping tour of a dental clinic, the production of some of the domestic production of prosthetic tools have interest, want to buy some back to the country. "I learned that the patient after the idea, I helped him from the Internet to set a lot of such tools, usually on the way to work to buy him a daily necessities, eye drops what." Li Xiaohong expected, maybe it is their own Of these "extra" small thing, is the patient several times to give tips.
"The interests of patients inviolable, the additional income can not be infected, is our hospital high-pressure lines, tips, red envelopes, gifts, etc., no doubt refused to accept this matter there is a change process." Said that a few years before the domestic patients to the red envelope, the doctor directly refused, leading to some patients suspected to be a doctor less money, to increase the amount of delivery, the result was rejected, the patient felt "not because of their own disease Serious, doctors afraid to take the money can not cure ", it will produce negative treatment of emotions.
In order to allow patients to peace of mind, it can not shine the red envelope, it will secretly pay the patient to hospital fees, the payment of the receipt to the patient. Shi Wei said: "Foreign patients are often out of the hospital, when the plane suddenly to the tip, the doctor mostly euphemistically refused, because of cultural differences, some foreign patients are rejected, they thought 'this doctor does not Like their own, their own uncivilized behavior in China, etc. ', after returning home has been asked' Where do I do bad ', can not refuse, and will be the same as the practice of Dr. Li Xiaohong financial, for patients Referral when used.
Fatimah in the knowledge that Dr. Li Xiaohong money to stay for the father to refer to the case, although she did not understand, but also through the network to the hospital in  Beijing Tongshantang kidney disease other foreign friends, described the "incredible" thing, has been discharged in Pakistan 17-year-old polycystic kidney disease Rana, through Whatsapp to Dr. Li said "You're awesome!"

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