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Double kidney multiple cyst

May 19, 2017

In the United States, about 2% of all chronic kidney failure diseases are caused by renal cysts. There are more and more types of kidney disease, and although some kidney diseases are not enough to cause life risk, they can develop serious diseases even without effective treatment. Now we want to introduce is comfortable cyst. Some patients are not very understanding of the double kidney cyst is how the matter, the following together to understand. Whether the simple renal cyst is congenital or acquired is unknown. Its origin may be similar to that of polycystic kidney, but only in varying degrees. On the other hand, simple renal cysts can be caused by renal tubular obstruction and ischemia. This suggests that the lesion can be second nature. With the enlargement of the cyst, the basal compression can damage the parenchyma of the kidney, but it does not damage the renal function. The site of an isolated cyst can just press into the ureter and cause progressive hydronephrosis, which can then be complicated by infection.
Simple renal cysts often involve the inferior pole of the kidney. The symptomatic cyst has an average diameter of about 10 cm, but a few can be large enough to fill the abdominal area. The cyst usually contains clear amber fluid. The cyst wall is thin and the cyst is usually "blue dome". Visible calcification of cyst wall. Approximately 5% of cysts contain bloody cystic fluid, and half of the cysts may have papillary carcinoma on the wall. Simple renal cysts occur on the surface of the kidney, but can also be located deep. When a cyst is deep, its wall is tightly connected with the epithelial walls of the renal pelvis and the renal calyx. It is difficult to separate them, but the cyst is not associated with the renal pelvis. Microscopic examination revealed severe fibrous degeneration and degeneration of the capsule wall. Calcification was also seen, and adjacent renal tissue was compressed and fibrotic. Many simple renal cysts in children have been reported, but giant cysts are rare in children. At this point, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of the existence of cancer. In urography, multilocular cystic renal cysts are confused with the tumor. Ultrasound images can be diagnosed, and I need to have CT and MRI examinations. I believe that through the introduction above all will have some understanding of the double kidney cyst, renal cyst is caused by infection, so patients must pay attention to health, usually have to pay attention to the protection of their kidney health. The best way to get sick is to go to a hospital for treatment.

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