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How should nephrotic syndrome be treated?

Jun 06, 2017

Mr. Hao, who lives in Langfang, suffered from enteritis and fever 38 years ago. He went to the local hospital for treatment. But for a period of time, not only increased the fever did not retreat, but the legs appear edema, check the protein 3+ and occult blood 2+ were diagnosed with primary nephrotic syndrome.
For a period of time in the local, no legs edema disappeared, review protein 3+, occult blood 1+, fever did not retreat. The local doctor was not giving him the medicine and told him the disease could not be cured. Hearing the doctor's words, Mr. Hao was shocked, and then he was discharged.
After the introduction of friends, Mr. Hao sixth came to our hospital.
On admission, the body temperature was 39.7 3.55g and the urine protein was 24 hours. Doctor to understand the patient's condition after, began to find the cause of disease, Mr. Hao do not want renal puncture, you have to work hard to eliminate, after a series of examinations after exclusion is a systemic disease, the application of the characteristics of our hospital to check anti phospholipase A2 receptor antibody, the positive test results, basically confirmed membranous nephropathy.
Through the examination found that Mr. Hao's immunity is particularly low, immunoglobulin only 5.55g. Therefore, to get rid of high fever, we must improve the patient's own resistance to disease. After the diagnosis, the next step is symptomatic treatment.
The use of clear blood serum therapy in our hospital, plus some kidney lead drugs. After 10 days of treatment, Mr. Hao's fever returned. After 24 hours, urine protein also dropped to 1.68g. Not only that, but the appetite of the whole man opened, and the stone that fell upon his heart finally fell.
Read the article, may wish to combine their own condition and treatment to make a judgment. If there is any problem, or around the other patients with kidney disease also have a similar condition, it is recommended to submit the patient's case data, so that Beijing Tong Shantang Chinese medicine hospital kidney disease experts with specific conditions to give you detailed guidance and analysis.

How should nephrotic syndrome be treated?

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