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Do not interrupt regular treatment for kidney disease patients (1)

Jun 06, 2017

Ms. Ma from Shanghai is checking back this time.
Protein, occult blood and edema tortured Ms. Ma for many years, various complications ensued.
The most serious is that, due to chronic kidney disease has not been well controlled, Ma's renal function has entered the uremic phase, the local hospital in Shanghai examination of serum creatinine up to 729 mu mol/L.
MA in the local general hospital using pure western medicine treatment for a long time, but there is no significant decline in creatinine trend.
Occasionally, she heard in the patient group of my hospital, I heard that the hospital adopted a unique Chinese medicine treatment to repair kidney function, supplemented by the necessary western medicine treatment methods, so as to achieve the effect of curing both. Ms. Ma wanted to have a try. With her family, she came to Shijiazhuang to seek Chinese medicine.
When we first came to our hospital, we saw a severe edema in her lower extremities and face, so she arranged the routine test of hematuria. When the test results came out, it was found that Ms. Ma creatinine up to 700 mol/L, 24h urine protein quantitation also has more than 3g, the situation is very bad.

In order to control MS Ma's condition in time, the hospital convened an expert group for consultation.
After repeated discussion discussion, expert group decided to use double Shenshu external and foot therapy in hospital, while taking traditional Chinese medicine preparation, in order to achieve sparse kidney diuresis and detumescence, detoxification purposes.
After more than half a month of treatment, creatinine dropped to 379 mol/L.
"Chinese medicine is really amazing," Ms. Ma said.

During the new year, Ms. Ma has been treated at the hospital and has not been able to reunite with her family on New Year's eve. When the fifth day of the new year, she really can not help, put forward to discharge.
Considering that Ma's condition is well controlled and her living habits are well maintained, we have arranged the relevant matters and reminded her to go back to the hospital for review within two months.

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