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Do not interrupt normal treatment for kidney disease patients (2)

Jun 06, 2017

The result is only half a month later, Ms. Ma came back, so we are very surprised.
It turned out that when she came home for the new year, life habits were not as good as those in the hospital. For fear that her condition would recur, she thought about the year and went back, followed by treatment until she was completely cured and went home again.
After the test, Ms. Ma's creatinine was much higher than before discharge, reaching 650 mu mol/L.

With the experience of the last treatment, we still have the same treatment.
In the absence of any blood purification technique and solely by pure Chinese medicine, the creatinine of MS Ma was reduced to 480 mu mol/L in more than 10 days.

In addition, the amount of urine Ma also had the obvious change, the amount of urine 24h 700ml Ms. Ma at the first, the color bright clear. And after my hospital Chinese medicine detoxification and diuretic therapy, the highest urinary volume can reach 1500ml, the color has become cloudy. It shows that Ms Ma's kidney function has begun to recover, and the toxins in his body are gradually draining out.

Here to give you a small detail, many patients with renal failure will find their urine protein will increase with the treatment process, Ma is like this, from 3.28g to 4.12g.
In fact, this is not the aggravation of the disease, but because of the increase in urine, kidney detoxification caused by. Only by removing the toxins and proteins from the tubules, can the kidneys continue to be damaged and lay the foundation for the use of other drugs and for the repair of the kidneys.
Ms. Ma is still in therapy, she said, this time must be completely cured of the disease, and never want to suffer that share of the crime. Here also remind you, in the process of treatment of kidney disease, adhere to the treatment is the key to cure, so once found effective treatment method, do not interrupt treatment at will.
Let's all bless Ms. ma!

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