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Do not interrupt normal treatment for kidney disease patients (2)

The result is only half a month later, Ms. Ma came back, so we are very surprised. It turned out that when she came home for the new year, life habits were not as good as those in the hospital. For fear that her condition would rec ...Read More


Do not interrupt regular treatment for kidney disease patients (1)

Ms. Ma from Shanghai is checking back this time. Protein, occult blood and edema tortured Ms. Ma for many years, various complications ensued. The most serious is that, due to chronic kidney disease has not been well controlled, Ma ...Read More


 How should nephrotic syndrome be treated?

Mr. Hao, who lives in Langfang, suffered from enteritis and fever 38 years ago. He went to the local hospital for treatment. But for a period of time, not only increased the fever did not retreat, but the legs appear edema, check t ...Read More


Double kidney multiple cyst

In the United States, about 2% of all chronic kidney failure diseases are caused by renal cysts. There are more and more types of kidney disease, and although some kidney diseases are not enough to cause life risk, they can develop ...Read More


Four major dietary disorders in patients with kidney disease

Myth 1: vegetarian diets do not contain protein: Patients with kidney disease should stress a low protein diet, and some patients believe that vegetarian diets do not contain protein and are vegetarian for long periods of time. Thi ...Read More


Be careful of various causes of renal cysts

Congenital renal cyst: congenital dysplasia can be produced by a variety of diseases, with cystic nephropathy, tension can cause medullary sponge kidney dysplasia, polycystic kidney disease, talent development is not very common ge ...Read More


Principles and indications of peritoneal dialysis

What is peritoneal dialysis? Peritoneum is a serous membrane that clings to the abdominal wall and abdominal viscera (stomach, intestine, liver, etc.). It is a colorless, smooth film. The human body is the biological function of pe ...Read More


Excessive whitening products cause kidney disease

In the strong sunlight, most women will use some whitening, sunscreen skin care products so that they are not tanned, but some whitening skin care products in a lot of chemical ingredients exceeded, often use will lead to the human ...Read More


Children drink too much water, alert children with chronic renal failure

Shijiazhuang kidney disease medical experts in this remind: life children drink plenty of water, be careful of children with chronic renal failure occurred. Specifically for this reason. We see the following description of the cont ...Read More


Classic case: rapid recovery of acute renal failure

Patient information: Chen Hongsheng (a pseudonym), he came from Guizhou Province Zunyi, due to sudden fever, to the local township hospital infusion, fever after bloating symptoms, urine output is reduced to 200-300ml per day, to t ...Read More


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