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Brief articles and multimedia about recent novel trials and results funded or conducted by NIDDK.

How to treat hypertensive nephropathy

Male | 56 years old from Heilongjiang Health Advisory Description:Legs edema, urine protein 2+ , 14 years of high blood pressure, double kidney normal, high pressure 160, low pressure 120, Once the treatment and effect: oral gold ...Read More


What caused the nephritis

Description of the disease: Recently went to the hospital to check out of nephritis, how to cause nephritis? Condition analysis: Hello, the pathogenesis of this disease is different. Antigen microbial infect the human body, produ ...Read More


Cases of chronic renal failure

Case summary: patients, male, 35 years of age, due to edema for 5 years, nocturia increased for about 2 years, fatigue, anorexia for 1 months. In 5 years ago without apparent inducement occurrence morning eyelid edema, no fatigue, ...Read More


Cases of chronic renal failure

Patients, male, 48 years old, because of increased nocturia, hypertension three years, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, 1 weeks after admission, patients in ten years has repeatedly appeared morning eyelid edema, does not attach imp ...Read More


What is the clinical significance of examining microalbuminu

Clinical use of trace protein indicators to monitor the incidence of nephropathy. Detection of trace proteins is the most sensitive and reliable diagnostic index for early detection of nephropathy. Through microalbuminuria value, c ...Read More


Don't try to work or sleep easily cause nephritis

Some people busy long time holding back because of work, or simply do not drink all day, which can cause urinary tract infections and nephritis, anti relapse will cause chronic infection, possibly for uremia. If you wake up eyelid ...Read More


How to prevent chronic renal failure

male | 34 years old Health consulting Description: the kidney is very important for men, before my kidney have a little problem, recently I went to the hospital, the doctor said I should pay attention to, or sooner or later will ha ...Read More


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