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How to prevent hypertension into uremia?

Many people know that hypertensive patients prone to stroke, in fact, hypertension and uremia is also very close relationship. If hypertensive nephropathy does not undergo effective early systemic treatment, it will eventually deve ...Read More


Urine plays a role in the field of nephropathy

Normal people will urinate four to six times a day, the total urine volume between 1000-2000ml. Urine more during the day, but due to the decline in blood flow at night, intake of water is also less, under normal circumstances the ...Read More


A common cause of decreased residual renal function

According to the scholars observation, among the total creatinine clearance of dialysis patients, the amount of creatinine left by the residual kidney accounts for 39% of the total. Even if the residual renal function remains only ...Read More


What are the diagnostic tests for nephrotic syndrome?

Many patients are aware that nephrotic syndrome is an autoimmune disease that can affect multiple organs of the body. Nephrotic syndrome is extremely harmful, promptly found the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, can effectively treat ...Read More


What are the hazards of occult nephritis in children?

With the high incidence of kidney disease, many kidney diseases have begun to age, many children at an early age put on occult nephritis, thus bringing great suffering to children and families. So, childrens occult nephritis What h ...Read More


What are the differential diagnosis of occult nephritis?

Occult nephritis early symptoms are not obvious, the clinical manifestations of asymptomatic proteinuria or simple hematuria. What are the differential diagnosis of occult nephritis? Functional proteinuria High fever, after intense ...Read More


Nephritis care patients should pay attention to what?

Nephritis is pided into acute nephritis and chronic nephritis, for different periods of patients with different methods of care, then, mid-care patients with nephritis should pay attention to what? Nephritis care performance in all ...Read More


What is the misunderstanding of diet in patients with renal failure?

Kidney failure This condition is very scary, when you have, should identify the cause, timely prevention, such as glomerular abnormalities, diabetes, hypertension, prevent infection, increase immunity, less medication, pay attentio ...Read More


What causes dialysis imbalance syndrome?

Patients in dialysis treatment, if you do not pay attention, it is easy to lead to the occurrence of dialysis imbalance syndrome. So what is the cause of dialysis imbalance syndrome? Lets get down together. Dialysis imbalance syndr ...Read More


How to detect thrombosis in patients with nephrotic syndrome?

Thromboembolic complications are one of the most serious complications of nephrotic syndrome and can even be fatal if not handled properly. Therefore, early detection and early treatment of thrombosis. So, how can nephrotic syndrom ...Read More


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