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What are the early symptoms of renal failure

Jan 09, 2017

1 Because the main function of the kidney is to filter the urine and waste, so patients with renal failure suffer from edema, decreased urine volume and high blood pressure conditions, when the emergence of the above situation must be timely to the hospital for an examination.

2 Because the cause of this disease are not the same, so different patients, there are different symptoms, and different methods for treatment.

3 The most common treatment of this disease is drugs treated , because the cause of this disease is not the same, so the drugs is also a certain difference, but must pay attention to the reasonable diet and rest during treatment.

Matters needing attention:

When suffering from this disease must be light diet, especially not to eat some high salt foods and pickled food, every night is as far as possible to ensure adequate sleep, do not stay up late frequently.


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