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Do you know the cause of IgA nephropathy

Jan 30, 2017

IgA nephropathy is a common primary glomerular disease, the cause of this IgA nephropathy, has not been clearly identified, so the treatment is relatively complex and difficult. Although IgA nephropathy is terrible, but as long as we understand it, to find the cause of IgA nephropathy, we can well prevent. Then the standard for IGA nephropathy renal insufficiency, severe hypertension, abdominal pain and so on, many patients began to hear about this disease, will be more afraid of, first because of the lack of understanding of the disease, so the fear is great. So today Xiaobian for you to introduce the treatment of IGA nephropathy, I hope you can help to understand the cause of IgA nephropathy, following a look at the cause of IgA nephropathy!

IGA nephropathy is a common disease, is very serious for kidney damage, IGA nephropathy is usually sporadic, generally not considered a familial disease, but some familial aggregation reports, suggesting that immune factors may heritage play a role in the pathogenesis of IGA nephropathy. So, what are you going to do next?. In recent years, there are a lot of new advances in research on the mechanism of what the etiology of IGA nephropathy, which are summarized as two points: first, mucosal immunodeficiency due to IGA nephropathy associated with upper respiratory tract infection, suggesting that IGA nephropathy and mucosal immune hyperfunction lead to excessive generation of IGA and deposited in the kidney, but the research in recent years do not support this theory. A single IGA immunoglobulin by connecting protein J even form dimer or polymer, polymer IGA is mainly secreted by immune cells, by not enter blood circulation. Two, IGA molecular abnormalities: even if the levels of IGA in patients with IGA nephropathy may not be caused by, for example, the secretion of IGA in bone marrow of patients with AIDS or patients often have elevated plasma IGA, but these patients did not have IGA nephropathy, and not all patients have elevated IGA. There is no special treatment for this disease, according to the different manifestations and course of the disease, different measures are adopted to protect the renal function and slow down the progress of the disease.


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