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What is the misunderstanding of diet in patients with renal failure?

Kidney failure This condition is very scary, when you have, should identify the cause, timely prevention, such as glomerular abnormalities, diabetes, hypertension, prevent infection, increase immunity, less medication, pay attentio ...Read More


Are there any of these symptoms of pyelonephritis?

Pyelonephritis is a common urinary tract infection, pregnant women are more susceptible to this disease, even severe cases can lead to death. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of pyelonephritis must not be ignored. However, p ...Read More


Death from kidney failure is not uremia

Early symptoms of nephropathy are generally easily overlooked by people, so until the time of discovery, the general development for renal failure, and even uremia. Many people think that the death of patients with renal failure du ...Read More


Kidney disease diagnosed, only check the renal function on the line yet?

Nowadays, many organizations organize medical examinations every year. Many people check that renal function is normal during physical exams. However, renal diseases have soon been detected. Why? Some patients are diagnosed with ch ...Read More


What are the symptoms of senile renal failure?

The elderly are prone to various diseases due to the aging of various organs of the body. Renal failure is one of them. We all know that kidney failure is a more serious disease that progresses to the later stages and can even lead ...Read More


Uremia these causes you know?

Uremia is the end stage of various kidney disease performance, uremia if not actively treated, it is easy to cause death. About the cause of uremia you know how much? The following causes do you know? The study found that uremic pa ...Read More


How to care for patients with chronic renal failure?

Renal failure, including acute renal failure and chronic renal failure, can cause great harm to the human body. In addition to treatment, daily nursing can not be ignored. So, how to care for patients with chronic renal failure? Be ...Read More


How to Limit Phosphorus in Chronic Renal Failure Patients?

Phosphoruss main function is to strengthen the skeleton, almost all food contains phosphorus, kidney failure due to the kidneys can not work properly, excess phosphorus accumulation in the blood, resulting in high blood phosphorus, ...Read More


How to Limit Potassium in Chronic Renal Failure Patients

Potassium is widely found in meat, dark green vegetables and fruits, dried beans. Poor kidney function may not be effective in removing excess potassium. Excessive potassium levels can cause severe cardiac conduction and contractio ...Read More


What is the cost of treatment for chronic renal failure?

There are many patients with chronic renal failure and their families want to know how much the cost of treatment of the disease, the cost of treatment is also a lot of factors. Lets take a look at it next! Affect the price factor ...Read More


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