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Can cold bring about kidney dysfunction?

Dec 25, 2016
Cold is a minor illness for normal people, but for kidney disease patients, the problem is more serious, because sometimes because of a cold caused by renal insufficiency, we will try to understand.
Cold caused by renal insufficiency or nephritis is an immune damage disease, often caused by cold or inflammatory diseases. When foreign antigens (bacteria or viruses) invade the body, the human body mobilizes its defense system and produces antibodies to form an antigen antibody immune complex. This is the body's immune response.
Antigen antibody complex with the circulation of the blood flowing through the kidneys, deposited in a certain part of glomerular endothelial cells, the glomerular injury, caused by inflammatory reaction, destroy the glomerular permeability caused by PRO, white matter, red blood cells and other substances in the urine loss.
During the long course of nephritis, the inflammatory reaction of glomerular damage occurs repeatedly every time a cold or inflammation occurs. The immune response will occur repeatedly caused a lot of glomerulosclerosis, aggravate renal fibrosis, led to chronic nephritis renal insufficiency, the above mentioned patients with renal insufficiency of this case is.
The direct disease caused by cold is reduced resistance, in other words, decreased resistance. Every patient knows that kidney disease patients have low resistance, and actually starts with a cold. Cold easily lead to kidney disease, kidney disease and susceptible to colds, fear of cold, they complement each other". So cold is the cause and cause.
In fact, not only will lead to decreased resistance to cold, suddenly tired, overworked, sleep is not good, easily lead to decreased resistance, so long, it is easy to cause kidney damage, hematuria, urinary PRO quality first, then may also have higher blood inosine clinical renal insufficiency indication.

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