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Common causes of renal failure disease are

Jan 31, 2017

First, glomerulonephritis

Immune complexes cause a variety of pathophysiological changes lead to glomerulonephritis, and finally lead to chronic renal failure. Renal failure can occur within a few months, can also be delayed for several years until the serum urea and creatinine increased renal function decreased to half of normal, the symptoms will appear. Sometimes after the onset of a few years, until the terrible symptoms of uremia, only diagnosed with glomerulonephritis.

Second, interstitial nephritis

Interstitial nephritis chronic renal failure incidence of the second. Renal tubular atrophy, fibrosis, scarring lead to reduced renal blood supply and renal dysfunction, is one of the causes of chronic renal failure.

Third, diabetic nephropathy

Long course of diabetes, some people may have kidney complications, especially in young or type I diabetes patients may be proteinuria, which is often the first indication of renal involvement. About half of diabetic patients with kidney disease develop renal failure after 5 years, and other complications of diabetes, such as reticuloendothelial system, vascular system and neurological complications can also occur simultaneously.

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