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Hypertensive nephropathy to guard against renal failure

Dec 25, 2016

How to prevent health care hypertensive nephropathy into renal failure Hypertension Nephropathy if not timely, correct treatment, will destroy the renal blood vessels, leading to lack of blood supply in the kidneys, leading to renal damage. When renal function is completely lost, kidney failure occurs. So, how to prevent health care hypertension nephrosis become renal failure?
How to prevent health care of hypertensive nephropathy into renal failure? Renal failure kidney will not release enough hormone balance to maintain blood pressure, blood and vitamin D manufacturing required. Thus, the following symptoms: high blood pressure: this can lead to serious complications such as stroke, heart disease, and even death.
The body does not produce enough blood, leading to renal insufficiency of body parts. Due to lack of calcium, bone will become fragile. What's more, excess liquid, waste and toxin will accumulate in the body. Such as excessive accumulation of blood in the growth and irreparable damage. To prolong life, renal function must be replaced by dialysis / blood purification (hemodialysis) or kidney transplantation.
How to prevent health care hypertension nephrosis become renal failure? Nephropathy experts, hypertension renal failure early prevention and health care is very important, common preventive health care measures have the following points:
1, keep the stool unobstructed.
2, to prevent contact with heavy metals, toxic substances and drugs may harm the kidney.
3, aged 40-50 years old, history of hypertension 5-10 years. If identified as an increase in microalbuminuria, should be highly vigilant.
4, night urination, urine protein or transient hematuria, always check renal function, urinary protein qualitative. 24 hours proteinuria quantitative, pay attention to measure blood pressure, do fundus test.
How to prevent health care hypertensive nephropathy into renal failure? Through the above introduction you should have understood. In the early stage of renal failure in hypertensive nephropathy, it can effectively prevent or slow down the occurrence of renal failure and late renal failure. Therefore, we must actively prevent health care, do a good job in the treatment of hypertensive nephropathy, for rehabilitation.

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