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What are the manifestations of patients with renal failure

Feb 11, 2017

According to related statistics, kidney disease incidence rate is increasing, which is a considerable number of patients with renal failure, but the disease if not actively participate in the treatment, the patients will be a serious injury, and the incidence of renal failure is more urgent, if not timely treatment, so as to make the disease worse, let we understand together chronic renal failure which clinical manifestation!

Most of the time on some of the quality of the discharge, there may be dehydration, or some low potassium, hyponatremia, so many times if not timely supplement, most patients can die of dehydration and electrolyte disorders. If the patient entered the recovery period after the serum urea nitrogen and creatinine levels returned to normal, and for the repair and regeneration of renal tubular epithelial cells, on renal function recovered completely in about half a year to 1 years, for a small number of patients may be left kidney function in different degree can damage.

Usually in a large area of trauma; burns, like some big surgery and severe infection for case, which often manifests as severe metabolic acidosis and electrolyte disorder in patients with symptoms of poisoning are most significant, especially in the nervous system can be expressed as prominent, drowsiness, coma, convulsions, or some kind of epilepsy attack, hyperreflexia or hypothyroidism etc..

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