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Chronic renal insufficiency and how to prevent renal insuffi

Dec 25, 2016
Chronic renal function is difficult to cure, this is an indisputable fact that most of the clinical treatment measures can only delay the process of chronic renal insufficiency, the latter can only rely on blood purification and hemodialysis. Patient pressure can imagine, on the one hand to endure the pain of torture, on the one hand to the family has brought heavy economic burden, psychological pressure self-evident.
What is chronic renal insufficiency? Its full name is chronic renal insufficiency, is a clinical syndrome. In the late stages of various renal diseases, renal function, water, electrolyte imbalance, toxins can not be successfully discharged through the urine, causing systemic poisoning performance, which is chronic renal insufficiency.
How to prevent chronic renal insufficiency? The key is to alleviate the primary disease. Can say to these may cause chronic renal insufficiency disease should pay attention to, active treatment. For example, acute nephritis may occur at any age, but more common in children, most occurred in inflammation, especially hemolytic streptococcus inflammation, immune mechanism caused by glomerular inflammation, the inflammation in the respiratory tract inflammation, skin inflammation and fever. When the inflammation without active treatment, so in 2, Huan eh? 3 weeks urine routine.
In the treatment of nephritis must use antibiotics and treatment really effective treatment (2 weeks of acute nephritis, chronic nephritis 2 months), so much knowledge combined with antibiotics?. So much knowledge? Drug should prevent kidney harmful drugs (such as streptomycin). The most common primary disease is nephritis, accounting for 40% - 50%. Often the consequences of various glomerular diseases. Such as acute nephritis, nephrotic syndrome. Any other Huan Fen? Chronic nephritis, nephritis, kidney stones, urinary tract polycystic renal hypertensive renal impairment of glucose renal damage in renal hypertension and arterial stenosis drug poisoning.
The kidney has strong compensatory function, sometimes the kidney has been badly damaged, the decline of renal function, but in compensatory period, the kidney itself and the lack of nerve pain, sometimes some important information is ignored in delaying the disease. I have a friend's husband, tall and strong, but often stomach discomfort, sometimes nausea, they buy some help digestion medicine. Suddenly, one day to the hospital, found vomiting blood, chronic renal insufficiency caused by gastrointestinal hemorrhage. He died two weeks after admission, aged just 30.

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