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Manifestation of renal insufficiency

Dec 25, 2016
Patients with chronic renal insufficiency often feel a strange smell in the mouth, saying different, such as "ammonia flavor", "urine flavor", "fertilizer flavor" "taste", etc.. Experienced doctors according to smell the smell emanating from the patient's mouth the size can be roughly estimated with nitrogen level of hematuria and make patients in stable or worse judgment. So what exactly is this smell?
Chronic renal insufficiency is a group of syndromes composed of progressive, severe metabolic disorders and other damage caused by various chronic kidney diseases. Chronic renal insufficiency is a slowly progressive process is an irreversible process, but is not an incurable disease. With the development of Science (such as blood purification, blood touxi, etc.), so many patients live longer, some patients can survive for a long time.
General nephropathy due to nephritis, interstitial nephritis, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and obstructive nephropathy. In addition, multiple cysts, inflammatory nephritis, kidney disease, sickle cell disease is more common. The rare disease because of acute and chronic renal insufficiency did not recover, multiple myeloma nephropathy, renal amyloidosis, renal tuberculosis, leprosy, polyarteritis nodosa, Wegener S granulomatosis and renal calcinosis. Should cause the friends of caution is don't be confused by chronic renal insufficiency due to the illusion of the early expression of CRF is not typical, but also can appear in any system performance, therefore, easily misdiagnosed as a systemic disease, those who have no obvious chronic kidney disease patients in particular, such as weakness, fatigue, physical decline, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea or gastrointestinal bleeding were friends; and weakness, pale white, nausea, skin manifestations of itching to go to a doctor, often misdiagnosed as digestive tract diseases, tumor diseases, regeneration obstacle nausea, peripheral neuritis, delayed treatment, missed the best treatment and the period of a lifetime of regret.
With this experience, the condition improved in mouth smell of urine small, big mouth niaowei sicker, this is for what? For patients with chronic renal insufficiency, the body of toxins such as urea nitrogen, etc. can not be properly discharged, accumulation in the body, the intestinal bacteria urease resolve urea into ammonia. Stimulation of the gastrointestinal mucosa, so from the mouth exudes a different taste, commonly known as the "smell of urine". In view of this mechanism, it is not difficult to understand the urine taste in the mouth and the size of blood in the urine nitrogen values are closely linked.
The characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine considers that the kidney for gasification, can make the "Turbid Yin out of body, then discharge that is human waste from the dross size, maintain the normal physiological function. If the kidney tired, no turbid Yin, gasification, while the other way up, then the smell of urine in the mouth.

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