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Chronic nephritis how to check it?

Dec 25, 2016
Chronic nephritis how to check it? I believe many people want to understand this problem. Clinically, there will be a lot of people as long as the kidneys a little uncomfortable began to suspect he had nephritis, in fact, this is not right, chronic nephritis disease has its own symptoms, patients need more understanding of disease.
Chronic nephritis is a relatively common disease, we should strengthen awareness of the disease, to avoid suffering from chronic nephritis without self-knowledge, missed the best treatment period. According to the relevant personnel, there are many ways to check the disease, the patient is recommended to a regular hospital. The most common method for detecting chronic nephritis is urinalysis:
1) urine protein: A, some patients are non selective proteinuria, another part of the selective better.B, 24 hours urine protein ration often because of the type of disease. Common type, hypertension type mostly <2g/d; and nephrotic type, mixed type more than 3.5g/d. Disease to late, due to a large number of glomerular damage, urinary protein instead.
2) urine urine in patients with chronic nephritis can have a large number of transparent tube and tube granule cells, tube type often suggest the disease of acute attack. In the later stage of disease, due to the increase of residual renal tubule, the lumen enlarged, and the enlarged granular tube and waxy tube type were seen. The number of red blood cells in the urine, depending on the degree of activity of chronic nephritis, usually microscopic hematuria, acute episodes can be significant hematuria, or even gross hematuria.
3) urinary fibrin degradation product (FDp): urinary fibrin degradation products positive, suggesting that coagulation factors involved in the onset of. Experts pointed out that the treatment of chronic nephritis is the best hospital where the problem is, the patients are more concerned about the problem, for the treatment of the disease, without kidney disease hospital treatment of mild edema nephritis, with salt restriction and rest can disappear. Obvious edema patients, available medication, general intermittent application than continuous application better. Acute nephritis bed rest is very important. Edema subsided, blood pressure decreased, abnormal urine relief, patients can take appropriate walk, gradually increase some mild activity, but do not suddenly increase the amount of activity. Patients with acute nephritis in the context of infection should give adequate anti infection treatment, no infection, generally do not have to properly.

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