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Treatment of acute nephritis in children

Dec 25, 2016
What is the method of treatment of acute nephritis in children? A person living in this world is inseparable from diet, and diet such activities are always accompanied by our people 's life. This shows that diet is important for human health. In particular, a person suffering from chronic nephritis, then some key diet is even more important, the following hospital experts on these aspects of knowledge to talk about.
Children acute nephritis treatment methods which at present, children with acute nephritis patients more and more, everybody should be alert to the disease. According to the relevant personnel, the cause of acute nephritis in children there are many different treatment methods of patients will be different. What is the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine for treating infantile acute nephritis? Acute phase method is: Feng Shui: eyelid edema, and gradually make the body, the evil wind, cough, oliguria, hematuria or turbid urine, pale red tongue, thin white fur, floating and tight pulse or floating number. Treatment: the appropriate lung water. The hot dipping: limb edema, thirst upset, chest bloating, skin sores, headache and body weight, turbid urine or urine such as tea or wash broth, red tongue, yellow greasy fur, slippery pulse number. Treatment: qingrelishi detoxification. The water on the Ling heart lung: limb edema, cough, shortness of breath, palpitation and dyspnea in patients with acute nephritis in children, irritability not supine, blue lips, nail cyanosis, white or white greasy fur, thready pulse weakness. Methods: straight lung diuresis, invigorating qi and warming yang. The evil in the heart: headache and dizziness, nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, irritability, serious person can suddenly appear twitch, coma, red tongue, pulse string. Treatment; pingganxifeng, dampness resuscitation. So what is the treatment of acute nephritis in children recovering nephritis? Experts tell us that the recovery period of treatment of spleen qi deficiency: lassitude, sallow complexion, spontaneous sweating, anorexia and loose stools, pale tongue with white fur, 11 slow pulse. Treatment: spleen qi. The kidney yin deficiency: dizziness, lumbago, hand foot heart hot, hot flashes sweating, pale red tongue, less moss or exfoliation, thready pulse. Children with acute nephritis treatment: Nourishing Yin and tonifying kidney. How to prevent and treatment?
1, exercise, enhance physical fitness, prevent colds.
2, to actively treat a variety of kidney disease hospital infection, in order to prevent the disease.
3, acute bed rest for more than 2 weeks, monitoring blood pressure, urine volume, heart rate, rhythm. Edema disappeared, blood pressure normal, gross hematuria disappeared, can gradually increase the amount of activity.
4, dietary attention appropriate limit water, salt and protein intake, to edema subsided, blood pressure after normal gradually transition to general food. At present there is no effective method for the treatment of nephritis, basically is symptomatic treatment, including rest, avoid eating too much salt, appropriate restrictions on protein foods, diuretic to reduce edema; reduce blood pressure, prevention and treatment of heart failure. Note do not use drug renal toxicity, such as gentamicin, streptomycin, sulfa drugs, diuretic, antihypertensive drugs should be given effective and necessary available hormones and other drugs. The appropriate application of nutritional renoprotective drugs, such as inosine, ATP, cytochrome C. Diuretic, reduce hypertension, prevent heart and brain complications, is the focus of treatment. Our hospital transplant center in the micro traditional Chinese medicine infiltration therapy auxiliary role, using transplantation to treat nephritis for more nephritis friends completely lifted the pain. A new tissue organ that replaces itself with diseased or senescent tissue. Therefore, the application indicates that the future of mankind may conquer some incurable diseases, and prolong the life of human beings, the study has important clinical significance and broad prospects!

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