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Acute renal failure nursing methods

Feb 23, 2017

This article introduction: acute renal failure is a common form of kidney disease.Then you know in daily life, for what are the common nursing methods of acute renal failure?


1, oliguria stage (1) observation patient's condition carefully, monitoring of water and electrolyte balance, according to the condition of nursing records.

(2) the observation of patients with and without sleepiness, low muscle tone, arrhythmia, nausea, vomiting, high potassium hematic disease, abnormal immediately notify the physician.

(3) the abnormal blood pressure disease nursing according to this system.

Phase 2, more urine to observe observe the change of blood potassium, sodium, and the changes of blood pressure.

3, recovery period to observe drug adverse reactions, regular review of renal function.

4, and the rest by this system disease care routine.

Symptomatic care: 1, oliguria stage (1) strictly limit the liquid into the quantity, with waterproof poisoning, according to the doctor's advice and accurate input liquid.

(2) diet nursing care: should limit intake to a nutritional supplements, in principle, should be low potassium, sodium, high quantity of heat, high vitamin and right amount of protein.

Phase 2, polyuria supply enough calories and vitamins, proteins can be added amount on a daily basis, to ensure that the needs of the organization, to contain the food with much potassium.

3, recovery (1) to give high quantity of heat, high protein diet.

(2) encourage gradually recovery activities, prevent muscle weakness.

General care:

1, oliguria stage (1) absolute bed rest, pay attention to the limb function exercise.

(2) to prevent infection of oral cavity and skin care, all disposal to strictly implement the principle of aseptic operation, to prevent infection.

(3) such as line of peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis treatment, according to the abdomen, hemodialysis nursing routine.

Patients with stage 2, urine (1) told extra water or the orders timely rehydration and supplement of potassium, sodium, etc., to prevent dehydration, low potassium and the occurrence of hyponatremia.

(2) is given priority to with quiet and stay in bed.

3, recovery control and prevent infection, pay attention to clean and care.

Health guide:

1, pay attention to increase nutrition.

2, appropriate to participate in the activities, avoid excessive overworked.

3, check regularly.


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