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How to prevent acute renal failure

Feb 26, 2017

This article introduction: acute renal failure is a common form of kidney disease.So how do you know in daily life, prevention of acute renal failure method?

Acute disease is commonly sudden, serious can cause deaths, especially this kind of disease, acute renal failure condition deteriorated sharply sudden will cause the human body, so to prevent this disease is the importance of self-evident.

Several effective measures of prevention of acute renal failure

Hope the following introduction, have certain help to you, better get rid of kidney failure, and enjoy the happy life.

1, should keep a balance of nutrition, your intake and exhaust measuring record carefully and requirements according to weight every day.

2, patients should monitor blood pressure changes.Measuring several times a day and blood pressure.

3, patients should maintain the balance of the liquid, the amount of fluids are carefully calculated and determined.

4, diet quantitatively.Daily intake of sugar water compound requires at least 100 grams left and right sides, and the protein is subject to certain restrictions.

5, cautious drug use.Your every kind of medication after carefully comparison and consideration, to ensure that the burden will not add to the kidney.Containing magnesium ions of drug tend to be stopped.At the same time, after some adjustment of the dose of medication will, may be different from normal people.

Although we can take preventive measures to home, but does not rule out some of the other treatment, so we must always pay attention to their own physical condition, do check regularly, especially those who have a family history of kidney patients should do more.


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