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How to treat chronic renal failure frome the root with traditional Chinese Medicine

Mar 13, 2017

We all know that traditional Chinese medicine cure cure, chronic renal failure is no exception, so, traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of chronic renal failure is what 'read the following is how to give us the answer, I hope to help you.

How the Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal failure and chronic renal failure ', referred to as "chronic renal failure", also known as "renal insufficiency" or "uremia", most secondary to various kidney diseases and other diseases, can cause water metabolic disorders, electrolyte disorders, metabolic acidosis and other symptoms. Chronic renal failure can be treated by traditional Chinese medicine health care, the following experts introduced the treatment of chronic renal failure in traditional Chinese medicine, the three main methods, together to understand the next bar.

1, promote blood circulation, improve renal blood supply. To relieve the state of ischemia and hypoxia, and achieve the purpose of correcting renal anemia. Increased the effective perfusion of glomerulus, reduced the glomerular pressure, and reduced the glomerular filtration state, delayed and controlled glomerular sclerosis. After the expansion of the surrounding blood vessels also increased the total amount of effective blood circulation, relieve the symptoms of poisoning, so the patient appetite, nausea and vomiting symptoms disappeared.

2, the removal of lesions. By using the characteristic of targeting and positioning of the pure traditional Chinese medicine, it can be differentiated, cracked, broken, and finally removed completely. On the one hand, it can clear the way for the repair process, but also improve the permeability, increase the filtration rate, increase detoxification, remove toxins from the body. Creatinine begins to drop and urine begins to become cloudy.

3, the birth of new, this is the ultimate purpose. It is the repair process of residual renal lesions. Including the use of drugs to stimulate the repair of damaged kidney tissue and the physical nature of the repair, reconstruction and reconstruction of new nephron, and ultimately make the clinical symptoms and laboratory indicators to normal process. This process requires a relatively long time, recovery of renal function, serum creatinine, uremic nitrogen will naturally decline, the effect of uremia fundamentally.


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