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Renal failure diet

Apr 26, 2017

First, high quality protein intake

Patients with kidney failure, need to limit the intake of protein, in order to reduce the burden of the kidney, but if you eat less, consumes the body's muscles and internal organization, so you have to eat right and enough "quantity" and "quality" of proteins, the amount should be 1 to 1.2 g/kg bw/day, physiological value high animal protein food intake of high quality.

Second, getting enough calories

In limiting protein intake, in order to avoid the shortcomings of the caloric intake, to increase production of nitrogenous waste, can eat more calories to supplement the high and low protein food.Vegetable oils such as soybean, peanut oil, low protein such as starch, wheat starch, large white powder, lotus root starch, and sugars such as sugar, honey, sugar, fruit, ginger to make various delicious snacks, its calories per kilogram of body weight per day 30 ~ 40 calories, so as not to weight loss.

Three, moisture control

When renal failure and were less urine, water will accumulate in the body, the cardiovascular system load increases, there will be no vitality, anasarca, weight gain, cough, lie down and shortness of breath, blood volume Hct is reduced, and the complicated with hypertension, heart failure, pericardial inflammation, and dialysis dehydration of drama, prone to headaches, um, vomiting, muscle cramps and imbalance syndrome.

Fourth, pay attention to the salt control

Kidney failure can't discharge water, salt, easy to cause swelling and worsen high blood pressure.Patients should be no more than a day to eat 5 g of salt.1 g 1/5 = 6/5 tea tea soup salt soup soy sauce = 1 tea soup MSG, so don't add the seasoning salt.

Five, beware of potassium ion is too high

Because of potassium ions can't by severe damage to the kidneys, hyperkalemia, may cause the fingers numb, tired, limb weakness, chest tightness, stiff tongue, speech difficulties, loss of consciousness, serious arrhythmia or heart stop.


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