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Can chronic kidney failure eat beef

Dec 24, 2016
Beef is the people of the world's favorite food, Chinese consumption of meat after pork, beef, high protein content and low fat content, so delicious, popular, enjoy the "flesh of pride" reputation. On the other hand, delicious beef, high nutritional value, many people like it. Can that chronic kidney failure eat beef? For chronic renal failure can eat beef? Experts point out: chronic renal failure patients should not eat beef. Chinese medicine believes that beef volatiles, easy to cause disease recurrence or exacerbation, did see eating beef in systemic lupus erythematosus or chronic nephritis caused by renal failure patients after illness and finally death clinically, whether coincidence remains to be seen, but in patients with chronic renal failure is also not to eat meat products such as well.

Causes of hyperkalemia in many of the most important reason is that kidney failure, once the glomerular filtration rate is less than 20ml/min, especially less than 5ml/min of the patients with oliguria, due to excess potassium excretion caused by hyperkalemia. Therefore, chronic renal failure or in dialysis uremic patients, must pay special attention to reduce the intake of potassium ion. The beef is rich in potassium ions, so chronic renal failure patients are not suitable for eating beef. In addition, suffering from chronic renal failure how to treat it? For the treatment of chronic renal failure, experts recommend micro Chinese traditional medicine infiltration characteristics of renal failure treatment effect amazing, over the years, successfully cured many patients with chronic renal failure.
Chinese medicine "micro Chinese medicine ifiltration live kidney series of Prescriptions" treatment, which is the effective ingredient of the medicine by acupoint penetration to the kidneys and to renal collaterals, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, turbidity detoxification as the way, to clear the kidney, activation of renal function for the purpose. Micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy can promote and improve the microcirculation of renal atrophy and necrosis have accelerated kidney lesions, the effective components in medicine The new supersedes the old., give full play to the role of the repair of damaged glomeruli, enhanced glomerular reabsorption, restore the physiological function of normal kidney, so that the blood creatinine and urea nitrogen decreased to normal.
The role of live kidney series prescription: 1 into the focus of multiple channels. Direct introduction of lesions through the skin, through the blood vessels or oral absorption into the blood circulation into the focus, through the back and back of the meridian system into the lesion; 2 side effects decreased. Do not stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, will cause nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and other symptoms; 3 into the series of prescriptions in living kidney, renal lesion of tissue targeted therapy; 4 live kidney series of prescriptions for lesions with strong affinity, lasting effect; local drug concentration of 5 was high, and the lesion clearance of immune complexes 6 strong organization completely; therapeutic effect, quick effect, drugs play a lasting.
Tip: our hospital treatment range of creatinine below 1300umol/L, 24 hours urine volume above 1200ml, dialysis within 10 times, our hospital is completely cured. If the patient is not in our treatment range, we are not admitted. But there is also a situation, such as: the patient's creatinine above 1300umol/L below 1500umol/L, and dialysis, dialysis, but no more than 10 times, and 24 hour urine volume exceeds 1200ml ml, we also admitted to hospital. This is also responsible for the patient.

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