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Renal failure causes anemia

Dec 24, 2016
Experts pointed out that kidney failure causes anemia, mostly due to insufficient blood volume, inadequate perfusion caused by. Let's look at the specific reasons:
1, renal failure affecting hematopoietic: chronic renal failure, in addition to the kidney to produce erythropoietin damaged parts, reduce the affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen, the hemoglobin for oxygen increased rate of renal ischemia is not serious, the main factors to reduce erythropoiesis, resulting in significantly reduced the generation of red blood cells. There are toxins inhibit bone marrow, chronic renal failure when the accumulation of certain toxic substances in the blood of bone marrow has a direct inhibitory effect, leading to hematopoietic dysfunction.
2, failure causes the destruction of red blood cells: some chronic renal failure patients with increased destruction of red blood cells is one of the causes of anemia, this is because the effect of high polyamine levels cause shortening of life span of red blood cell autolysis, uremia erythrocyte metabolism disorder and erythrocyte fragility increased, erythrocyte induced by autolysis, microvascular disease causes red blood cells to mechanical damage and damage, hypersplenism.
Read the above about renal failure and anemia introduced, I believe we have more understanding of anemia. Xiaobian remind everyone, anemia friends had better not be too overlooked, there are abnormal symptoms when the best to the hospital for inspection.
The above has been described in detail, I believe we have a detailed understanding. In daily life, renal failure should attach great importance to, according to their condition, choose their own treatment, symptomatic treatment, in order to obtain better treatment effect.

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