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Renal failure diet considerations

Dec 24, 2016
For patients with renal failure, should pay attention to their diet, in the diet should be paid attention to, for patients should be a reasonable diet, we have to introduce the matters needing attention in the diet of patients with renal failure. Hope to help patients.
Below we will introduce renal failure patients in diet matters needing attention. Hope to help patients.
First, avoid hard food, fried food
For patients with renal failure, usually causes blood microcirculation disorders are usually caused by gastrointestinal mucosal hyperemia, if eating hard foods, fried very easily lead to gastrointestinal mucosal bleeding, cause serious harm to patients. If severe, there are obstacles to coagulation, bleeding is difficult, will lead to death.
Two, avoid spicy spicy food
Renal failure, uremia patients eat excitant food, not only will increase the burden of gastrointestinal mucosa, the gastrointestinal mucosa bleeding, will increase the burden on the kidney, is not conducive to the treatment of renal failure.
Three, avoid using meat products
Meat products, there are a large number of proteins, and these proteins in the human body, will be converted into amino acids and other substances, which will increase the burden on the kidneys, is not conducive to the treatment of kidney disease. Clinically, many patients with renal failure after eating cattle, lamb exacerbations and even the last dead.
The above described renal failure of several dietary taboos, for patients with renal failure, renal failure should understand the diet rules, reasonable diet, so there are a lot of great help for the treatment of renal failure.
The above has been described in detail, I believe we have a detailed understanding. In daily life, renal failure should attach great importance to, according to their condition, choose their own treatment, symptomatic treatment, in order to obtain better treatment effect.

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