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Risk factors for progression of chronic renal failure

Dec 28, 2016
Generally speaking, CRF is sometimes slow and steady progression (progressive), sometimes also increased sharply in the short term (progressive); the progression of both "irreversible side", there are "reversible" (mainly in the early and middle side). Therefore, the clinical treatment (especially in the early and middle stages) should seize the opportunity to actively control the risk factors for the improvement of the disease.
The risk factors of chronic renal failure in 1 progressive risk factors of CRF development course of progressive development, including high blood glucose control is not satisfactory, hypertension and proteinuria (including microalbuminuria), hypoproteinemia, smoking etc.. In addition, a small number of studies suggest that anemia, hyperlipidemia, high homocysteine, malnutrition, elderly, uremic toxins (such as methyl guanidine, parathyroid hormone and phenolics accumulation), may also play a role in the development of the course of CRF, needs to be further studied.
2 the risk factors of acute exacerbation of chronic renal failure in a certain stage of the course of CRF, renal function may be acute exacerbation, sometimes progress to the end, and even threaten the lives of patients. The risk factors of acute exacerbations are as follows: involvement of kidney disease (such as primary glomerulonephritis, hypertension, diabetes, ischemic nephropathy) recurrence or exacerbation; the insufficient blood volume (hypotension, dehydration, bleeding or shock); the renal local blood supply is decreasing quickly (such as patients with renal artery ACEI, ARB and other drugs) stenosis and severe hypertension; renal toxicity drugs failed to control; 5 6; urinary tract obstruction; and severe infection; the other: hypercalcemia, severe hepatic insufficiency. Among the above factors, the low residual blood volume and low filtration state caused by the lack of blood volume or the decrease of local blood supply are the main reasons for the deterioration of renal function. The renal function of CRF in the course of rapid deterioration, such as processing timely and properly, may make the disease have a certain degree of reversal; but as the delayed diagnosis and treatment, or a sharp deterioration is very serious, it may also aggravate the condition of irreversible development.

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