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Chronic renal failure caused by several drugs

Dec 24, 2016
Eat cold medicine must pay attention, otherwise not only cold cure is bad, also can cause renal failure! The following is the recent days of taking medicine caused renal failure cases:
A few tablets can eat acute renal failure
Patient: diarrhea, have a fever of Mr. Wu even eat three pieces of antidiarrheal and paracetamol, condition not only not improved, but the acute renal failure. I met the 38 year old Wu, he is the main source of income at home, but suffering from acute renal failure, dialysis treatment must be.
Originally, last week, Wu suddenly have a fever, diarrhea, in order not to delay the work, he took three tablets angidiarrheal and paracetamol. Can a few pills after the disease has not only improved, soon felt sick, unable to eat, then hematuria.
Two kinds of cold medicine with the risk of eating
Experts, like Mr. Wu so, due to indiscriminate cold, analgesic drugs, suffering from acute renal failure cases are not uncommon. Renal disease has a toxin accumulation process, because the inpidual difference of the patient, or long or short, the main symptoms were fatigue, nausea, easily neglected by the patient, so that patients have a strong reaction, it has come to the point of chronic renal failure.
At present, many experts also reminded the public that the name of cold medicine, but its drug components are similar, but also similar role. If more than two kinds of cold drugs taken at the same time is equivalent to increase the drug dose, adverse reaction risk will increase exponentially. Cold medicine containing compound paracetamol up to more than 30, some patients to relieve symptoms, self medication are paracetamol containing anti cold drugs, is likely to cause serious liver damage, so the doctor is very important.
Ask four questions before taking the medicine
Experts advise that when suffering from a cold can be selected for their main symptoms of a drug, rather than eat a cold medicine, but also to eat analgesic drugs. During the medication but also ask the following four questions: when should I start to take medicine, eat how long? What are the side effects of this drug? What need to avoid taking food, beverage, medicine or Chinese medicine? If there is a time to forget medication, how should I do?
Enteric coated tablets, sustained-release capsules, tablets and other drugs, in addition to manual license, generally can not be crushed if taking, crushing and chewing will destroy the structure of these drugs will not only reduce the effect, stimulate the oral and gastric mucosa, and some toxic side effects.
Don't eat these pills together:
Capsule of Suxiaoshangfeng, white and black, cold tablets Tylenol, kangbide contain acetaminophen composition
Kangbide, Kant, Rick Shu, Ganmaotong etc. similar components
Aspirin, analgesic tablets, paracetamol, gentamicin and kanamycin have nephrotoxicity
The above has been described in detail, I believe we have a detailed understanding. In daily life, renal failure should attach great importance to, according to their condition, choose their own treatment, symptomatic treatment, in order to obtain better treatment effect.

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