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Delay kidney coup

Dec 24, 2016
1) eliminate CRF deterioration risk factor.
(2) adhere to the cause of CRF treatment: such as chronic nephritis, lupus nephritis, Henoch Schonlein purpura nephritis, IgA nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy, all need to adhere to long-term treatment.
(3) diet therapy: Using low protein, low phosphorus diet, single or plus EAA/KA, in order to apply alpha -KA more favorable. The method may reduce glomerular hyper filtration and renal tubular metabolism. According to reports, the application of low protein diet combined with essential amino acid or alpha keto acid treatment of pre dialysis patients with chronic renal failure, these patients can make blood creatinine reciprocal (Scr-1) decline slowed, but except for the muscle dystrophy, the impact of factors such as these patients; Determination of glomerular filtration rate of application of nuclear medicine method (GFR) changes the diet therapy, really can make CRF patients GFR slower decline.
(4) reduce glomerular high filtration: timely control of hypertension, to delay the development of chronic renal failure has important significance, foreign literature has many research reports. Bergstrom report, timely, active and reasonable control of blood pressure and strengthen follow-up, is a major factor in delaying the progress of CRF, some other authors also have repeatedly reported the importance of blood pressure control can not be ignored on the progression of CRF. Conversion enzyme inhibitor (ACEI): such as Captopril (6, 25 ~ 25mg, the 3 / day) oral, on diabetic nephropathy and other high filtration has a role in reducing, and can make Scr rise slow. The results show that the multi center clinical study of 30 American hospitals, 409 cases of diabetic nephropathy patients, treatment group were treated with Captopril (25mg, 3 times / day) for 24 months (22 to 58 months) the Scr rate of decline than the control group patients decreased significantly, in the ESRD or death than patients in the control group decreased 50, 5%; others report, non diabetic nephropathy in patients with CRF after Captopril CRF Scr also can make the patient down slow.
(5) reduce the calcium phosphate deposition in the interstitial tubules: such as low phosphorus diet, alpha -KA, phosphorus binder, etc.. Other measures are still being explored, such as certain active vitamin D3.
(6) reduce the high metabolism in renal tubules: such as alkaline drugs, low protein diet, rhubarb, Cordyceps sinensis, the results suggest that this effect, still need further clinical observation to confirm.
(7) correct hyperlipidemia: use of unsaturated fatty acids, lipid-lowering drugs, etc., may have a role in slowing glomerulosclerosis.
The above has been described in detail, I believe we have a detailed understanding. In daily life, renal failure should attach great importance to, according to their condition, choose their own treatment, symptomatic treatment, in order to obtain better treatment effect.

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