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How to Limit Phosphorus in Chronic Renal Failure Patients?

Nov 11, 2017

Phosphorus's main function is to strengthen the skeleton, almost all food contains phosphorus, kidney failure due to the kidneys can not work properly, excess phosphorus accumulation in the blood, resulting in high blood phosphorus, can cause skin itching and skeletal lesions. Usually the doctor will open to hydrogenated aluminum or calcium carbonate tablets, both of which are phosphorus binding agents, with the food of phosphorus stones, so that the excretion of feces. (Please note: Phosphate binders must be mixed and chewed with food to be effective.) In addition to phosphate binders, foods containing high levels of phosphorus, such as dairy products, soft drinks, cola, yeast, visceral, Dry beans, whole koji (brown rice, whole wheat bread), eggs, dried fish, etc. should also be cautious to avoid
eating more food before the scalding, but also can remove some phosphorus.

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