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How to care for patients with chronic renal failure?

Dec 23, 2017

Renal failure, including acute renal failure and chronic renal failure, can cause great harm to the human body. In addition to treatment, daily nursing can not be ignored. So, how to care for patients with chronic renal failure?

How to care for patients with chronic renal failure?

Because chronic renal failure is usually refractory to longer duration, and the disease is very easy to relapse. Chronic renal failure patients in their daily lives, we must develop a healthy lifestyle, in order to reduce the incidence of chronic renal failure as much as possible.

Maintain a reasonable diet

Pay attention to keep warm and prevent colds;

Pay attention to hygiene, to avoid infection;

Pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue;

Appropriate exercise to enhance resistance;

Adjust the mood, and actively face the disease.

Care of patients with chronic renal failure above, what did you do? Chronic renal failure care is important, but the most important is still a reasonable treatment. Patients under the guidance of a doctor, select the appropriate treatment, and with the active treatment of the doctor.

Dialysis and kidney transplantation are two common methods of treating renal failure. Most patients will choose dialysis treatment. Dialysis includes hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. No matter what kind of treatment, should choose their own. If you have other questions, you can consult our online doctor or give us a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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