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Kidney disease diagnosed, only check the renal function on the line yet?

Jan 23, 2018

Nowadays, many organizations organize medical examinations every year. Many people check that renal function is normal during physical exams. However, renal diseases have soon been detected. Why?

Some patients are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, I feel very puzzled. Now many units of physical examination will check serum creatinine, this index can reflect the functional status of the kidney, but can not accurately reflect the damage of the kidneys.

Kidney disease diagnosed, only check the renal function on the line yet?

The kidneys have strong reserves and compensatory capacity. When 40% of the 100,000 nephrons are damaged, the remaining nephrons may still work as usual. Serum creatinine is still in the normal range. Only the damage of the nephron more than 50%, the remaining nephron not enough to rule out toxins in the body, the serum creatinine will show abnormalities.

So, how can we avoid this happening?

Whether it is a personal physical examination or physical examination, the best in renal function, kidney B-based examination, an increase of urine tests, urinary hematuria, urinary protein, you can prompt renal damage earlier. And urinalysis costs low, completely noninvasive.

In addition, for patients with hypertension, diabetes, hyperuricemia and hyperlipidemia, the risk of chronic kidney disease is significantly increased than that of normal people, and more attention should be paid to their kidney disease.

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