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Are there any of these symptoms of pyelonephritis?

Feb 03, 2018

Pyelonephritis is a common urinary tract infection, pregnant women are more susceptible to this disease, even severe cases can lead to death. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of pyelonephritis must not be ignored. However, pyelonephritis is how it happened? What are the symptoms?

What causes pyelonephritis?

Pyelonephritis is caused by bacteria or viruses that infect the kidneys. E. coli is the type of bacteria that causes most pyelonephritis infections but can be other types of bacteria as well.

The main route of infection is an upward infection, that is, pathogenic bacteria from the urethra into the bladder caused by cystitis, followed by spread along the ureter to the kidneys, leading to pyelonephritis.

So, what are the symptoms of pyelonephritis?





Urinate often

Pain or burning sensation when urinating

Urine containing pus or blood

Stench or cloudy urine

Pain in the back, sides, groin and abdomen

If you have the above symptoms, do not panic, because of the above symptoms, not necessarily pyelonephritis. But also timely medical examination, diagnosed the disease, so as not to be effectively treated.

Pyelonephritis treatment

According to the results of urine culture selection of sensitive drugs.

Acute onset according to the treatment of acute pyelonephritis, repeated episodes of bacterial culture should be confirmed by bacterial flora, it is clear that the recurrence is recurrence or re-infection.

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