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What is the misunderstanding of diet in patients with renal failure?

Feb 10, 2018

Kidney failure This condition is very scary, when you have, should identify the cause, timely prevention, such as glomerular abnormalities, diabetes, hypertension, prevent infection, increase immunity, less medication, pay attention to diet to prevent , To maintain good health. What are the misunderstandings of diet in patients with renal failure?

What is the misunderstanding of diet in patients with renal failure?

First, in order to reduce the burden on the kidneys, patients do not eat salt less water

As we all know that water, salt and edema are directly related, so many patients pay special attention to salt water, resulting in "phobia", "fear of water" psychology, do not even eat salt, the result is counterproductive. Limit salt water on hypertension, edema, oliguria in patients with chronic renal failure is necessary to avoid excessive water sodium retention, increased edema and hypertension. But not all patients should limit water and salt.

Second, patients believe that vegetarian is conducive to the improvement of the condition

Chronic renal failure patients should moderate intake of animal protein containing essential amino acids, such as milk, eggs, fish, to properly control the intake of plant protein, should not be used for plant proteins such as soy milk and tofu beans and soy products. However, protein intake should be controlled, daily intake of protein intake should be controlled, the amount of protein intake per day according to their own serum creatinine level roughly estimated.

Third, hunger therapy in patients with chronic renal failure renal function

Starvation therapy does not protect the kidney function of chronic renal failure, will only make the original condition worse, patients with chronic renal failure must not "defy the law." Clinical doctors emphasize high-quality low-protein diet, but also to ensure adequate calorie diet Supply, that is, to ensure that the body has sufficient energy supply, reduce the decomposition of endogenous proteins, thereby reducing azotemia.

Fourth, patients think that more bones and soup will be good for the body

Bone soup contains more phosphorus, phosphorus consumption in the body caused by accumulation, will increase hyperphosphatemia. Practice has proved that drinking bones soup not only can not improve calcium deficiency, but also due to elevated serum phosphate and accelerate renal impairment. The low-phosphorus diet can delay secondary hypogonadism caused by renal insufficiency, renal pain and other, so patients with chronic renal failure should be low-phosphorus diet.

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