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Pesticides in kidney disease treatment of toxicity should be

Dec 30, 2016
a) treatment
There are some feasible treatment effects detoxification medicine, but the clinical cure is still the main, such as gastric lavage, timely enhance diuresis and adrenal cortical hormone, dialysis treatment when necessary.
Specific means is:
1. Remove poisons quickly Leave immediately poisoning the scene, a large amount of water or suds rinse pollution skin, repeated gastric lavage, catharsis, etc.
2. Detoxification drug use Choline resistance agent in common use such as atropine, thrown dosage, repeated use, intramuscular injection or intravenous injection;Cholinesterase complex agent such as pralidoxime iodide (phosphate-solubilizing), pralidoxime chloride (pralidoxime chloride) are effective.
3. The symptomatic treatment Maintain respiratory function, emergency handling shock, acute pulmonary edema and cardiac arrest, critically ill patient can be blood transfusion or change to supplement the cholinesterase and guarantee the renal blood flow, prevent the occurrence of renal failure.Of renal failure occurred should be handled according to renal failure.
(2) the prognosis
If the disease quickly remove poisons, timely symptomatic treatment for gastric lavage, diuresis, detoxification drug injection most lesions are reversible, if can timely treatment, the prognosis is good, but if failed to identify pathogenic drugs and clean poison or treatment is not timely, timely off-site sustainable worsening renal function, some patients may be due to acute renal failure and death.

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