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Suitable for dialysis patients with renal failure.

Dec 25, 2016
What kidney failure patients suitable for dialysis? Nephritis symptoms are a lot of patients are very concerned about a problem, because we only through the performance of the symptoms to know whether they are suffering from nephritis. So, what are the specific symptoms of nephritis? Look at how experts are introduced.
What kind of renal failure patients for dialysis patients with renal failure? A lot of dialysis treatment, then, is not all patients are suitable for dialysis? Is not dialysis can cure kidney failure? What renal failure patients for dialysis?
Kidney hospital nephropathy expert Wang Zhanping director pointed out: not every renal failure patients are suitable for dialysis treatment, some patients are not suitable for dialysis. What kidney failure patients suitable for dialysis?
Which patients are suitable for dialysis? Dialysis can be performed when a patient appears.
Chronic renal failure complicated with severe hypertension, diabetes, systemic lupus or elderly patients, the creatinine clearance rate when >10ml/min should start dialysis, dialysis can reduce the incidence and mortality of early complications in long-term hemodialysis. When patients with chronic renal failure following occurs, can be dialysis treatment: (1) with clinical manifestations of renal failure such as anorexia, nausea, vomiting, edema, heart failure; (2) >707.2 mmol/L, serum creatinine, creatinine clearance rate (<10ml/min; 3) early dialysis indications: the rapid progression of renal failure, general condition deteriorated significantly, serious gastrointestinal symptoms, not eating, malnutrition; diabetic peripheral neuropathy; red blood cell volume below 15%; diabetic nephropathy, connective tissue disease, kidney disease, elderly patients.
Is there a way to get rid of dialysis treatment micro TCM penetration therapy can fundamentally block renal fibrosis, improve renal function, completely get rid of dialysis!
Shijiazhuang nephropathy hospital micro traditional Chinese medicine infiltration therapy in the treatment of high creatinine, renal failure has its unique advantages. The characteristics of pure Chinese medicine by regulating the immune function, repair of glomerular basement membrane, the effective components of drugs by acupoint penetration to the kidneys and to renal collaterals, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, turbidity detoxification as the way, to clear the kidney, activation of renal function for the purpose. To promote and improve the microcirculation of kidney has accelerated atrophy and necrosis, renal lesions in the effective component of the medicine The new supersedes the old., give full play to the role of the repair of damaged glomeruli, enhanced glomerular reabsorption, restore the physiological function of normal kidney, so that the blood creatinine and urea nitrogen dropped to normal, so as to get rid of dialysis!
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