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The identification of renal fusion

Dec 30, 2016
Failed to placing the separation of normal kidney can be confused with horseshoe kidney, they are arranged along the side of psoas major, the horseshoe kidney is parallel to the spine, which just before the psoas major, horseshoe kidney spondylolysis calyces toward the center line and close to the spine.If you have a obvious ureteral obstruction that part of the kidney, renal pelvis or ureter failed to enhancement, may in the discharge sex urinary tract imaging, renal or block produced in diagnosis of fusion.Urinary tract imaging or retrograde venous urinary tract imaging can show renal drainage channels in the block.
Treatment, are generally not required unless the infection or obstruction, cut the gorge of the horseshoe kidney can improve its drainage, when horseshoe kidney with a very poor drainage, it can be removed

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