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Simple renal cyst to do inspection

Dec 31, 2016
One, the basic inspection
(1) urine inspection If normal, routine urine bag oppression or with the cyst infection of renal parenchyma, urine can appear small amount of red blood cells and white blood cells.
(2) ultrasound can understand cyst of the number, size, the situation of the thecal sac.And equivalent to that of a renal mass identification, check method is first selection.Ultrasound show the typical areas of anechoic, capsule wall smooth, clear border;When the capsule wall shows irregular echo or limited echogenicity, should be vigilant the malignant change;Secondary infection in cystic wall thickening, areas of thin echo, capsule have blood echogenicity.When imaging tip has multiple cysts, should with multilocular cyst, polycystic kidney phase difference.
(3) intravenous urography angiography (ivp) can show cyst compression degree of renal parenchyma, and can identify with hydronephrosis.
Second, further examination
CT, the ultrasound examination has been adjudged not valuable, cyst with hemorrhage, infection, progression, heterogeneity, CT value increases, when CT showed characteristics of cyst puncture of the cyst can no longer have to be made

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