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Simple renal cysts

Dec 31, 2016
Simple renal cyst for congenital or acquired, remains unclear.Its origins may be similar to polycystic kidney, just different levels.On the other hand, caused by renal tubular obstruction and ischemia, can make the animals suffer from simple renal cysts.This loss can also prompt the disease is acquired.With the increase of cyst, the pressure can damage the renal parenchyma, but not damaged renal function.An isolated can be just the oppression to the ureter cysts occur, causing progressive kidney seeper, after the appear this kind of situation can be complicated by infection.Feiner, Katz and Gallo noticed in 1980 acquired renal cyst disease common in long-term dialysis patients.Kessel and Tynes1981 observed in 2 cases of renal cyst subside on its own.

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